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Phatra Leasing has been incorporated since 28 September 1987 and listed on the Securities Exchange of Thailand since 1995 under the name of “PL”.  Until now, we have been the largest company rendering operating leases.  With our complete range of services and customer trust, we have become the first and most successful leasing company in Thailand.

Our experts are ready to provide you with advisory service, supply service, company car service and also help to solve problems relating to the management of a fleet of vehicles in your organization.

Taking into account more than 10,000 cars well maintained by us, we are an expert in this field and ready to offer you several types of vehicles of your choice such as executive cars, business cars, service cars or trucks, including business jets and all types of commercial leasing.

We are the only leasing company able to approve a vehicle lease within a short time period (based on acceptable financial conditions).  Just choose a vehicle and package of your choice, sign a contract, schedule a delivery date and then you can receive the key and vehicle for use without delay, easily, conveniently and instantly.

Stable Company with Strong Business Alliances

With strong support from our shareholders and business alliances, you can place confidence in our strength and complete range of services.  Thus, TRIS Rating Co., Ltd., a credit rating agency accepted by investors and trusted by large companies or organizations nationwide, has assigned a rating of “A-” to Phatra Leasing and our debentures. 

We are still determined to develop the best services to assure you of our best possible services at all times.

Our Service Quality Achieved Standard of ISO 9001-2008

We place importance on customer needs and expectations and we are determined to continuously develop our quality management systems in order to ensure customer confidence and satisfaction.  Therefore, our Call Center and Customer Complaint Management Systems have been developed by setting up management systems to guarantee quality of our services.  All processes shall be overseen and can be checked through documents specifying steps and procedures to ensure that our personnel know the duties and procedural steps.  Our well-trained and skilled staff will keep records and check the procedural steps as specified in the documents.  Mistakes and errors will be corrected and prevented.  Our Call Center and Customer Complaint Management Systems have been passed the audit conducted by SGS and achieved ISO 9001:2008 accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service: UKAS, effective from 7 December 2014 to 7 December 2017.

This success has directly resulted from effective cooperation among relevant service teams in order to develop and maintain the quality systems.  Knowing and understanding the customer needs are considered important factors for greater successes of our customers, our business partners and also our company.

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