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Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy

We would like to thank all of the service users who visit and use services via our website.  In order to build confidence and gain understanding in relation to the use of our website, we would like to inform that it is our policy to protect your personal information as follows:


Privacy Notes

You acknowledge and agree that any personal information given or used by you via our website is vested in and owned by us.  In this regard, we shall keep such information confidential as best we can.  Please be informed that the Company is using international standard security system to protect the information.  However, for the safety of your personal information, you should strictly comply with the terms and conditions of services of each company’s website.  In the case that such personal information is stolen by means of hacking or lost or damaged due to force majeure or in any case, it is at your own risk.  Caution should be taken when you use your information.  We reserve the right to take no responsibility for all of the aforesaid.


Disclaimer Policy

The information obtained from you will be developed, revised and improved so that our website services will be efficient and bring maximum benefit to the service users.  We present the information, news, articles or any other texts on this website for the purposes of providing services, compiling information, knowledge, technical data bases and other knowledge as well as creating a forum for the exchange of opinions and information among the service users.  Thus, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information, news, articles, images or any other texts in this website or direct or indirect links.  We shall not be liable for any mistake or error which may arise from the use of such information, whether by interpretation or for any purposes.  Besides, we reserve the right to suspend or stop to present the aforesaid information without necessity to give advance notice.  We are not a representative, partnership or corporation which has any juristic relation with the owners of any information, news, articles or texts shown on the website.  This website is used as a medium to transmit information among the service users and the information owners.  We cannot check or acknowledge sources and/or details of all of the website’s contents.  Therefore, if the presentation of such information causes damage to the service users or third party, no right, liability and/or legal obligation shall be incurred among the Company, the information owners, the service users, the website’s members and third party.



Please be informed that all of texts, images, sounds, contents or any parts of the website, which include trade-marks, service-marks, names, trade-names, patents, know-how, intellectual properties and etc. appearing on our website are the property of Phatra Leasing duly protected under Thailand’s intellectual property law.  Legal action shall be taken without delay against any person who copies, counterfeits, reproduces, simulates, publicizes, distributes, possesses for rent or does any acts for commercial purposes or exploits the aforesaid intellectual property without our permission.


Limitation of Liability

Service users acknowledge and accept that they use services via the Company’s website at their own risk.  The Company shall not be liable for any damage, whether direct, indirect, consequential or punitive, or loss of profit, benefit, information or other loss, whether tangible or intangible, resulting from the use of services, the forwarding of information or the access to services without authorization or any content relating to services.

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